Filigram would feel lonely if it only presents Marielle's designs.She wants to open her pages to others people and shares her cross stitch passion. Designer creates motifs for the stitcher that patiently cross threads on canvas. This is possible only because threads craftsmen dye with dedication cotton, silk, linen floss... Thread producers are picky on materials, they play with colors like alchemists and are obsessed by making lasting threads. 

Here is a place to mention their work presented on their websites. Big and small companies are presented with no difference. They are presented on a first come basis. We are welcoming new links, so don't hesitate to contact-us.


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Gentle Art banner

The Gentle Art's website is a cozy showcase where cross stitchers can discover beautiful threads hand overdyed by craftsmen with an absolute commitment to quality. You will see Gentle Art product line, 100% cotton, 6 strands thread (161 colors variations) such as SAMPLER THREADS and SIMPLY SHAKER, and over 30 colors with the threads called SIMPLY WOOL. Gentle Art says that " working with overdyed floss is a fun experience ... threads give new pieces an aged appearance".


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Hand Dyed Fibers logo

Victoria Clayton hand dyed her silks in the small town of Byron(NY), near the Niagara Falls. May be that is why her brand Hand Dyed Fibers display such a prodigious cascade of colors (627 at the catalog only for the silks!). All the silks have evocative names such as "Act of Violet", "Examplar Dried Roses", or "Zumaque". By the way how do you "zumaque" fibers and do you know what is the meaning of lightfast or what is a fiber reactive die?

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Natural and silky as the "Soies de Marie"! Spun silk, floss silk, six ply thin silk with their color charts, fibers from Madagascar, India, Laos, silk ribbons in three sizes (2, 4, and 7mm) and 58 colors that you can wash at 104ºF, embroidery threads, threads for bobbin lace, knitting yarn, natural dyes in packs of 100 et 300 g ....  amazing Marie! And what if we asked Marie Foyer to tell us the story of her company ?

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logo Atalie

Poetic journey in the land of Atalie and their hand dyed thread.  Once upon a time Martine Viard discovered an old marquoir embroidered by a little girl in the year 1818. She felt in love with this wonderful and imaginative work and finally created threads so that she could reproduce the marquoir. Now more than 150 colors are presented by this company started in 2001. Cotton and silk alike will shimmer and seduce your eye. They are hand dyed by Martine Viard.


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Call me success story! Just listen; 1992 School of Design at North Carolina State University, two years later Miranda Weeks McGahey dies 400 yards a week, 11 years later with a team of more than 10 people, she dies several tenth of thousand yards a day! She created year after year more than 587 colors/fibers combinations, all with rich, consistent and vibrant colors.

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